31. december 2011

Another great tutorial - Felt covers for electronics

I am following a series of different blogs on the internet. Most of them are from USA but some are from Denmark and Europe as well. Some time mid december, when I was enjoying a time in the shadow with my macbook during our honeymoon in the US Virgin Islands, I stumbled upon this tutorial for a feltcover for phones, tablets or even a macbook air. The blog is from the US and it's called The Purl Bee. You can find the tutorial here: The purl bee.
Now when we are back in Denmark I decided to have a go for my mac. 

 Picture above is borrowed from the purl bee blog.

As I just love purple and pink it was easy to choose the colours for the cover, and while in the fabric store I fell in love with a new little purple friend. Not sure my husband likes the competition, but a tiny penguin can't hurt anyone. Right?? I chose some white buttons and made the seems in a white thread as well. I am very pleased with the result, and I hope you will find it inspiring as well ;-)

With this post probably being the last this year, 
I wish you all a very Happy New Year, may it be a good one for us all ;-)

A brooch from scraps

As I am doing quite a lot of swaps on some gorgeous things come out of it. This is one of many. You can find the tutorial on this link: vintage button and fabric scraps brooch

This brooch is made from purple felt, some purple scraps, a pink feltflower and some pink rhinestones.
I am very pleased with the result, I hope my swap partner will be too...

29. december 2011

More Christmas ornaments...

As a tribute to my mother, who also is a creative sole, I am dedicating this post to her. As one of my christmas presents she had decorated an ornament just for me. It is shown below. 

My mother decorated the glas ornament on the inside with a little white paint mixed with a lot of glitter. On the outside she painted it with glass paint.  I just love how it turned out ;-)
I am entering this post to the Panduro "JUL" challenge on behalf of my mother. She does not have a blog and she would love to win even though she does not know she is participating ;-) 

Wooden Christmas ornaments

These christmas ornaments are definitely my favorite of all the things I made this year. They are made out of large wooden balls a leather cord and a stamped ink motive on the side. I was inspired by Jeanette at Lutter Idyl who is one of my favorite bloggers. You can check her blog out here: Lutter Idyl

I did the ornaments in purple instead of minty green and they turned out just perfect.
I did different stamps on the two sides of them. One has a "heart" and a "god jul" the other has a "reindeer" and a "snowflake". I hope you like them too.

Christmas tree....

I promised to show you our christmas tree this year. So here we go. 
 As you can see I shot it in pure daylight, but I do like the shot anyway ;-)

Quite a lot of the ornaments this year has been handmade and I really want to share them with you.
Two of them I am going to dedicate separate posts to, but the rest you will find here.

As you see stars and angels are my favorite ;-)

22. december 2011

Christmas is almost here

Allright, I know that I truly have to be better at writing posts regularly... December has almost gone and it's Christmas in very few days. In denmark we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve the 24th of december. As we have been on a late honeymoon, I have been gone most of december and I have been very busy getting things ready for Christmas. I've taken a few pictures of some of my decorations this year. And I just love that purple elf... Enjoy...

As time was a limited resource the decoration this year had to be easy, so with four numbered candles on a silver platter, some purple deco gravel and stones and a white bead string it all came together perfect. 

Tomorrow I will get the tree finished and show it to you all..