6. februar 2012

Fastelavn er mit navn...

I don't seem to have enough hours in the day lately... Most of my wake hours has been spend on making little costumes for little children around the country, mainly for a facebook group who supports single parents with very limited resources, but among them all a little costume for my adorable little niece sneaked in. My niece is a little over a year old and is going to be a big sister some time late this summer. For fastelavn (Danish tradition where you dress up just like you do on Halloween) her parents had a wish for her to be one of the figures from the Barbapapa series. 
Here is the intro for the series.

For my niece I chose the little green Barbapapa as I happened to have some spare green fabric from an old lady. I added some transfer print on the front, and voila, a pretty little Barbapapa dress for my niece.

And just because the weather outside is so absolutely stunning I am going to share a photo I just took moments ago of the wiev from our windows...

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  1. Kære Mulle.

    Jeg kan ikke finde en mail, hvor jeg kan svare dig på dit spørgsmål vedr. mit kort på min blog, så det kommer her.
    Du folder den nederste del af kortet op over den øverste del.
    Hvis ikke det giver mening, så skriv til mig på:, så skal jeg tage nogle billeder og sende det til dig. Skøn dag.
    Dorte aka dot-scrap