13. april 2012


Well the past month has been a busy one. Starting working a new place always takes your energi, not that I haven't been creative in that period of time, it was all work related though and nothing on photos...

In the end of March I was on a craft show in roskilde, where I discovered enchaustic painting. The lady in the stand has a course in the end of this month, seriously considering participating, but it really depends on how much money this weekend are going to burn from my budget. For I am going on my very first Scrap-a-mania this weekend ;-) weee... 19 hours of scrapping including two exciting courses, bingo, LO competitions, goody-bag and last but not least meeting fellow scrappers ;-)

For people in the forum to know me I made this name tag, and a lot of pics will be up after the event too ;-)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Der var du jo Mulle !!! Jeg har ledt overalt, men åbenbart ikke godt nok ;-) Er du blevet færdigt med dit Riddersholm album ?

    1. Jeg er lige her, og jeg har ikke gemt mig særlig meget ;-)

      Ligeså snart jeg syntes jeg er færdig med mit album får jeg det smidt på min blog her ;-) Men jeg har lige et par andre projekter der kommer i første række...